Process Serving

canstockphoto10669839Process serving, also known as service of process is a procedure that includes giving a particular notice of initial legal action from one party to another. Process serving is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide variety of legal documents, such as Affidavits, Notice of Garnishment, Motion Records, Demand Letters, Occupancy checks, Termination of Tenancy forms, Summons to Witness, Subpoenas, Statement of Claims, Application Records, Petition for Divorce and many others.

Here at Hamilton-Toronto Area Process Serving, we take our process serving work seriously. When delivering important legal documents on behalf of our clients, we are sure to work around the clock diligently. Due to our long proven track record of delivering quality results, we have often been quoted as being Mississauga’s best process servers. Our clients are always satisfied with the speed of our work, and appreciate our unique approach to process serving legal documents.